To The Stars review

Growing up when you have no one to depend on or understand what you’re really feeling is difficult, and a process many – if not most – teenagers experience. Going through that in 1960s Oklahoma is something else entirely, especially for teen girls and those trying to come to terms with their queer identity.

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Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey review

Birds of Prey and the Emancipation of one Harley Quinn (a much better title than what it’s been renamed to) is also the emancipation of one DC Extended Universe. It’s great! And most people slept on it. If you’re not convinced, have a read of my review for the streaming release via the link below – it’s refreshing in a sub-genre that’s been feeling a little underwhelming and samey lately.

It’s basically Bugs Bunny vs the Cronenbergian fusion of Kylo Ren, Justin Hammer, Killgrave and Syndrome.

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Colour Out of Space review

Was glad to catch up on Nicolas Cage and Richard Stanley’s cosmic horror for its blu-ray release. It’s alternately fascinating and a little underwhelming, but it’s sure ambitious – and hopefully means we’ll be getting more Lovecraft movies in the future.

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Le Mans ’66 Review

Last week I finally got to see – and review the blu-ray of – Le Mans ’66 (a much better title than Ford v. Ferrari, if you ask me). It’s simple, a little sacharine, and doesn’t reinvent the wheel – but Mangold is such a good filmmaker it doesn’t really matter.

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