Timecrimes Review

Héctor (Karra Ejalde) is renovating his home with his wife (Candela Fernández). Looking into a nearby forest with binoculars, he spots what looks like the murder of a young woman. When he attempts to intervene, he inadvertently provokes an increasingly bizarre series of events, and finds that he will do anything to return to ordinary life.

Timecrimes is both very basic and extremely complicated. Though I will try to leave out the specifics as much as possible, it should be said up-front that this is a time travel movie. It offers an interesting twist on the concept, as Héctor effectively spends the movie trying to ensure his own timeline makes sense, while also driven by his own hubris to rectify any mistakes. What is refreshing is that this isn’t approached with the hard science of Primer or the action beats that a lot of science-fiction falls back on. Instead, Héctor becomes both the victim and the villain of his own slasher film.  This doesn’t mean it lacks focus, as it barrels along its twisting plot in a tight 90-minutes without meandering. This is a movie that is all these things at once, and the way it navigates these genre conventions is exciting and unpredictable.

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