Why The Last of Us Movie Needs To Happen

Video game movies are almost universally poorly-received. The critics don’t like them, they don’t resonate with general audiences, and they frequently have too little confidence in the source material to satisfy the fans. This was a similar place the superhero movie was in at the turn of the century. While films like Warcraft have their defenders, a lot of studios and moviegoers aren’t sold on the concept of a video game movie in the same way they are with superheroes -a genre that only grew to its current status after its success was proven in a number of different ways.

Superman and Batman were successfully brought to the screen in early iterations, but it took the risk of making X-Men in 2000 for studios to perk up and realise that there was money to be made. The Dark Knight then proved that these films can be thematically rich, with The Avengersshowing that a comic splash page can be brought to life without sacrificing character. Now we’ve got a Black Panther movie coming out next year and I’m a very happy nerd. But video games movies? It’s still up in the air. The release of Assassin’s Creed is eagerly anticipated partly because its financial and critical success could turn the tide for the industry. Either way, the genre needs to prove its worth with a game that is ripe for adaptation and successful in its own right. That game is The Last of Us.

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