Underrated Hitchcock Films

As part of Audience Everywhere’s celebration of Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday, I wrote a piece on five of the director’s films that don’t get as much attention as they deserve. These aren’t necessarily the most obscure of his filmography, but ones that should be considered among the greats.

If there’s a shorthand term in film journalism and conversation more useful than “Hitchcockian” I am yet to hear it. While terms like “Lynchian” are often misused, “Hitchcockian” is usually appropriate as a point of comparison because, well, whatever is being described, he probably did do it first. As far as I’m concerned there is no single director more influential to cinema, whose intellectual engagement with how an audience thinks and feels was more beneficial to the medium. Because of this, films like PsychoRear Window, The Birds and Vertigo have become essential viewing for the aspiring film buff, and rightly so. But Hitchcock didn’t make his name just by these game-changing classics – there are another 50 films to his name after all.

Read the full article here →


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