Favourite Articles of 2016

Here are a list of my favourite articles and video essays from in 2016. I made the list as I was going along, and like last year, most of this – if not all – is related to film. I still have plenty of bookmarks to read, which will be added to this over time. I will also likely be writing a longer post on the films I saw in 2016 in the vein of last year’s, but that will probably be here nearer the end of the month.

Film / TV

Some Advice on Dealing with the Death of Our Icons | Scott Wampler, Birth.Movies.Death

The Indistinguishable X-Men: The Narrowing Range of Superhero Emotions | Tasha Robinson, The Verge

Luke Cage, Netflix and the Death of Episodic TV | Film Crit Hulk, Birth.Movies.Death

Luke Cage, Black Conservative | Justin Charity, The Ringer

On Klute: Beneath the Sin, the Glitter, the Wickedness | Priscilla Page, Birth.Movies.Death

Arrival Review | Amy Nicholson, MTV

Holland March: The Nice Guy and World’s Worst Detective | Priscilla Page, Birth.Movies.Death

Donald Glover‘s Artistic Journey Has Been Building to Atlanta‘s ‘Black Justin Bieber’ Episode | Jesse David Fox, Vulture

Love Trumps Voldemort | Meredith Borders, Birth.Movies.Death

Children of Men 10 Years Later: We Couldn’t Save La Pieta | David Shreve, Audiences Everywhere

The Strange Motivations of Stranger Things | Film Crit Hulk, Birth.Movies.Death

Stranger Things and the Problem of “Plotblocking” | Andrew Matthews, The Talkhouse

October Was The Scariest Month: How Panic Disorder and Horror Movies Prepared Me For A Trump Presidency | David Shreve, Audiences Everywhere

Charlie Kaufman Reflects on His Career | David Ehrlich, Indiewire

Why Diversity Matters In Star Wars | JM Mutore, Birth.Movies.Death

No Pressure, But I Need Star Trek: Discovery to Save the World | Devin Faraci, Birth.Movies.Death

A Tribute to the Sheriff of Cop Land | Priscilla Page, Birth.Movies.Death

Poetry of the Steak: Reinterpreting The Fly 30 Years Later | Richard Newby, Audiences Everywhere

Redeeming John Rambo | Priscilla Page, Birth.Movies.Death

Disorder Review | David Ehrlich, Birth.Movies.Death

A Defense of Mrs. Bates | Phil Nobile Jr., Birth.Movies.Death

Nostalgia and Existentialism in Drive | Priscilla Page, Birth.Movies.Death

To Slowly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before: In Defense of Star Trek: The Motion Picture | Matt Singer, Screencrush

Selecting Sides on Sulu’s Sexuality | Phil Nobile Jr., Birth.Movies.Death

The Neon Demon‘s Redefinition of Narcissism | Holland Farkas, Birth.Movies.Death

How The Neon Demon Plays With Audience Expectations | Bob Chipman, Screenrant

Green Room Violently Deconstructs America’s Relationship With Violence | David Shreve, Audiences Everywhere

The Dark Side of Fandom | Siddhant Adlakha, Birth.Movies.Death

Why The Force Awakens is the Star Wars Movie We Needed | David Ehrlich, Rolling Stone

The Haunting Journey of Under The Sin | Film Crit Hulk, Birth.Movies.Death

How Superhero Movies Became Too Big To Fail | David Ehrlich, Rolling Stone

The Hateful Eight’s Lincoln Letter And The Lies Of Django Unchained | Devin Faraci, Birth.Movies.Death

Why Marvel’s Success Story is More Than a ‘Formula’ | Bob Chipman, Screenrant


The Language of Distress: Black Women’s Mental Health and Invisibility | Guilane Kinouani, Media Diversified

For Your Consideration: Asian Doctor Strange, Courtesy of Kurt Busiek | Culture War Reporters / Twitter

Conceptualising Black Panther: Wakanda and the Black Imagination | Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic

Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family | Aziz Ansari, The New York Times


Wolfie’s Just Fine – A New Beginning Music Video | Jon LaJoie

The Marvel Symphonic Universe & Part 2 | Every Frame A Painting

In Bruges: Morality in Dialogue | The Nerdwriter

Inter-Textuality: Hollywood’s New Currency | The Nerdwriter

Everything Wrong With “Everything Wrong With Avengers: Age of Ultron” | Shesellssheshells

Batman v Superman: The Fundamental Flaw – Moments v Scenes | The Nerdwriter

Breaking Bad: An Episode of Reactions | The Nerdwriter

Ex Machina – The Control of Information | Lessons from the Screenplay

How Three-Act Screenplays Work | Lindsay Ellis

State of Georgia vs. Denver Fenton Allen | Rick and Morty Team

How to Use Film Titles Creatively | The Nerdwriter

What is Violence? | PBS Idea Channel


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