David Lynch’s Best Soundtrack Moments

Music is a big part of David Lynch’s work, from the eerie soundscapes of his early films to his own studio releases. As his career continued and full length feature films became a rarer sight, he began to make his own music—and now has five albums and a record label to his name.

Twin Peaks‘ season 3 revival looks to include more music than ever, with appearances by Trent Reznor, Sky Ferreira, Eddie Vedder, Sharon Van Etten as well as Lynch alumni Rebekah Del Rio and Julee Cruise.

“Everybody and his little brother can get a song and cut it into the movie,” the director told Chris Rodley in the book Lynch on Lynch, “What’s cool to me is when the song is not only an overlay, It’s gotta have some ingredients that are really digging in to be part of the story—It could be in an abstract way or it could be in a lyric way”.

The following list is my ranking of the top musical moments in Lynch’s worlds, across film and television. Not just the best music but the best audio-visual combinations.

Read the full list here →


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