Attack on Titan Season 2 Review

I feel like it’s worth pointing out two things up front: I am not a huge anime fan, and I am fully up to date with the still-running manga this show is adapting. The medium is one that has given me a few shows I really love, but I am often put off by certain attributes that come up time and time again.

The manga, which has left plenty of material for the show to bring to the small screen by this point, has left me in the position where I know pretty much exactly what is going to happen each episode.

This sets me up to have a different and likely worse experience than anime connoisseurs and/or those watching the series with a fresh set of eyes. So it’s with absolute joy that I found the quirks and tropes of the medium that often drive me away from anime utilised with skill and good intent, and the remixed narrative hitting the high points I expected while constructing and entirely new experience.

After the long wait since season 1 aired back in 2013, the anticipation for its return was pretty damn high. The second season’s opening episode puts any fears aside, soaring over the already elevated expectations by hitting the ground running.

Read the full review here →


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