Twin Peaks: The Return Finale Recap

I’ve been writing (pretty long) recaps of every episode of Twin Peaks: The Return, where I also delve into some analysis and theorising. You can find the post containing all these recaps here. Below is my recap for Part 17 and 18 aka the two-hour finale to the show.

Was this all Cooper’s dream? Was this a confluence of dream realities conjured up from those can’t live in theirs? Did Judy move Cooper to an alternate dimension? Does Twin Peaks, as we know it, exist any more?

These are some interesting questions to ask, and ones that will no doubt flood the world with articles, essays, books, blog posts, tweet threads, and forums in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Frankly, I can’t deal with all that right now. Like many fans, I was left a little broken by the ending. Not frustrated, but left with a sense of finality that is deeply sad, exhausting and invigorating all at once. I believe we have even more to unpack here than we ever did with the original series or Fire Walk With Me, and while a fourth season is not out of the question, it is unlikely.

This is the end, and like with much of Lynch’s work, letting it wash over you is key to understanding it, and the overwhelming feeling it inspires in you is key.

Read the full recap →


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