How Cop Land Deconstructed Sylvester Stallone’s Legacy

I wrote an article for Little White Lies a little while back that has recently gone up on their website. It delves into James Mangold’s Cop Land and the ways in which its main character, played by Sylvester Stallone, mirrors the actor’s own career in the movies.

Sylvester Stallone wasn’t the first choice for the lead role in Cop Land. In fact, director James Mangold was reluctant to even meet the actor, whose recent films had been a string of forgettable action movies panned by critics and fans alike. “He’s become a cartoon of himself,” Mangold said at the time, wary of the prospect of a Planet Hollywood egomaniac interfering with his feature film debut.

This initial trepidation is perfectly understandable, given that Cop Land is not an action movie built for Stallone’s fanbase, and the actor is not a draw for a more discerning crowd in the same way that his co-stars are. But it was entirely for this reason that Stallone ended up being the perfect choice.

Read the full article →


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