Beautiful Boy Review

Being a teenager is by no means easy. Being a parent of a teenager certainly isn’t either. Whether it’s to the well-meaning and beleaguered father David (Steve Carell) or his introverted and troubled son Nick (Timothée Chalamet), it’s through dynamic that most will immediately relate to Beautiful Boy, but things soon take a darker turn.

Nick’s life is put in grave danger by an unexpected foray into hard drugs, leaving his father wondering where exactly it all went wrong – and what being a good father means in this context.

During our teens, we are brought face to face with the harsh reality (or, in Nick’s words, the “mundane reality”) of the adult world at such a vulnerable stage, while still restricted by the rules set out for children.

beautiful boy feature image

During this transition, parents like David can lose touch with their kids, and start to wonder who they are. In Nick’s case, this means going from straight A’s to Methamphetamine withdrawal, a jump that leaves his father lost.

“This isn’t us! This is not who we are,” David tells his son, doing his best to bridge the gap in understanding without the tools to do so, and we’re with him every step of the way.

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