21st Century Soundtracks #2: The Social Network

21st Century Soundtracks is about music in Film, Television, and Video Games released from 2000 onwards that have had a lasting effect on me. It started out as one long post that eventually became too long to be manageable, so I’ve decided to make it a semi-regular series. Open to recommendations and reminders.

In 2011, both the Oscars and the Golden Globes did something right for a change – they awarded Best Original Score to Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross for their amazing work on The Social Network. Part of the reason why the score works is because of the freedom director David Fincher gave them. Reznor recalls that even their initial ideas received very few notes; Fincher simply told them “I don’t have anything bad to say– that’s never happened before”. To set them along the right path, the director did provide some general direction for the duo to launch off from:

“David wanted something that had electronic leanings and was a bit iconic. He referenced things from Tron, Blade Runner, and talked about a Tangerine Dream-ish kind of sound. Something that would feel like it had a uniqueness and a presence in the film”

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