“No Homo” and Platonic Love


I’ll say up front that the focus of this article is not really on the phrase ‘No Homo’, but the defensiveness and separation I associate it with. It has its roots in East Harlem back in the 90s, finding its footing in hip hop lexicon through Cam’ron before being popularised by Lil Wayne.[1] I think of it as something that has come into popular vernacular in the last few years, at least within men I know in England, but it caught on in internet slang fairly recently, with the urban dictionary first posting it in 2004, and it reaching “meme status” by 2011.

From my experience it is used in a light-hearted, jokey way, by a variety of people with different attitudes to masculinity and homosexuality – but it always comes like a defensive gesture, an easy out. I’m not writing this to talk at length about…

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