Bits and Pieces

I don’t post everything I post on Audiences Everywhere on this site, so the group and list posts often don’t feature here. I thought I’d put the links to them all in one post here, alongside some of my more thought-out Letterboxd reviews

Letterboxd Reviews:

I also love making lists on Letterboxd too, here are some of my favourites:


20 Female Directors To Look Out For

I pitched the idea for a staff post over on Audiences Everywhere – one where in the lead-up to the Oscars we make a list of women directors that have made interesting films in recent years. The rules were they had to have had a film out since 2010, and not have been nominated for an Academy Award. This had been on my mind since I found it surprisingly difficult to find female-directed films for my project to watch at least 52 films of that type in 2016 (the ongoing ranking can be found here). Continue reading →

2015 Film In Review

I haven’t written a specific post about this year in film, but have decided to collect my scattered thoughts on it here. I have contributed to various articles over at Audiences Everywhere for their Yearly Roundup:

I would recommend some more articles, but instead I might confine that to a different post, as there has been a lot of interesting film criticism I have read this year. I will link that here once it is written.

As for my favourite movies of 2015, you can find them here. This goes by 2015 releases (obviously), so there are four notable omissions that would have likely topped this list, as the films I saw at The Brighton Film Festival are due for release in 2016

Total Watches: 216
Seen For the First Time: 139
Re-Watches: 77
Visits to the Cinema: 49
Released In 2015: 37
Brighton Film Festival: 6
Non-Male Directed: 7
Non-White Directed: 10

And just for fun, I’ll give out some award-y type things too: Continue reading →